About Us

About Us
We offer dance classes taught by professional and highly recognised teachers. The lessons are designed for all levels! Our students come from a very diverse background – many different nationalities, students to professionals of all ages and industries, from beginners with zero experience to those who used to dance when they were younger and are now looking to get back into dance. Most students have no previous dance experience, so don’t worry if you’ve never danced.


Dance is ideal for you if you want to have fun, meet new people and gain confidence. 

#No experience required

#No special clothing is required

#No partner required

#No sign required





Termly*/Yearly Membership

Memberships cover all the classes of the style or styles you have chosen. *Purchasing a membership can cost you as little as £1.20 per lesson


Performance Team

This team also offers you the opportunity to perform and compete across London universities, National Universities and other venues.  So far, our performances have been very strong, and we have come third and second in the Birmingham University competition in 2016-18. This year we are aiming for Gold!!! The possibility is given to beginners/improvers to perform during the competition show without actually competing.  This is a great way to get over stage fright and feel more confident for your next academic year to enter the competition! 


The club also hosts Salsa and Bachata night socials at clubs around London and events where we all go together to try our new moves! And if at any point you feel shy or intimidated by the environment, you have the people from the club to be there for you to dance with, so there is no pressure to dance with new people.

Keep an eye out for competition time, If you are part of the team to live a whole experience from learning tricks, lifts and choreographies, rehearsals and fun times as a team. Suppose you are not part of the team, support and enjoy days of workshops and classes with professional teachers for all levels and a night of party with other university students!



Timetable posted on Instagram 



Taster Sessions / Waiver

During Welcome Week and Give It a Go week you will be able to attend our sessions at no cost! If you have not purchased a membership product before your taster, you MUST complete a waiver form > HERE!


Join our Club Committee

We are looking for students to join our club's leadership committee. So please contact us, even if it is just for a general question regarding available roles. For more information, please email us or click > HERE!


Sport Hardship Fund

Students experiencing financial difficulty are welcome to apply for the Sports Hardship Fund. There is no deadline, and applications will be reviewed on a first-come-1st served basis. To apply, please click > HERE.


Contact Us; We are here to answer any questions

Email: dance@goldsmithssu.org

Instagram: Goldsmithsdanceclub

Whatsapp: Group Chat

  • Termly All Styles Membership£60.00

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