About Us


Gold Runners is back and better than ever! We run, hang out and have fun!


This is a society for EVERYONE! From the “I’ve never run before in my life” to the “I wake-up at 6AM for my morning run” people, this is the place for you. Our adidas coach will help you make the most of your sessions and you will meet fellow students who enjoy running for fun.











Run with Gold Runners

Every Thursday at 6 PM in front of the Students' Union. Look for the Adidas Runners van where you will find the committee and the Adidas running captains. 


Meet the committee: Maddie, Tomas and Hannah. We will support every run and you can get in touch with us if you have any questions about joining and being part of the team.


Bag drop

Come straight from class and leave your bag and coat inside our Adidas Runners van which will be parked in front of the Student' Union. 


Shoe trial

Try the latest Adidas shoes at every run! We will have the van stocked with the latest shoes for you to try on and use throughout the session.


Gold Runners Membership

By signing up to the Gold Runners society, you will gain access to activities around campus and events from Adidas Runners London.  Gold Runners members can take part of our rewards system by logging their Gold Runners runs on the Adidas Running App (with link https://www.runtastic.com).


No elections are currently running